About the author

Steven Van Impe

Below you'll find a summary of my work, education and other computer science related activities. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter.

Work and education

  • Ray Wenderlich logo

    February, 2016 (ongoing)
    Joined the Swift team at Ray Wenderlich as a technical editor.

  • Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen logo

    February, 2016
    Taught evening classes at CVO Het Perspectief for two years, teaching programming with Swift and iOS application development to complete beginners.

  • Panta Rhei logo

    October, 2012
    Taught evening classes at CVO Panta Rhei for a year. The main focus of my courses was on Java and Java EE.

  • HoGent logo

    October, 2010 (ongoing)
    Started teaching computer science at the University College of Ghent (HoGent). I still teach there today and am currently focusing on Swift and iOS (previously Java and Java EE).

  • Blackboard with mathematics

    November, 2008
    Quit my job at Ghent University to start teaching mathematics at high school. I loved working with kids and still consider returning to high school sometime in the future.

  • UGent logo

    October, 2006
    Started work as a scientific aid at Ghent University where I developed a learning environment for students of numerical analysis. I also briefly researched possible applications of machine learning in the field of network recovery.

  • UGent logo

    September, 2006
    Graduated from the teacher training programme at Ghent University.

  • UGent logo

    July, 2005
    Graduated from Ghent University with a master's degree in computer science, majoring in software development.

  • Graduation cap

    June, 2001
    Graduated from high school where I majored in mathematics and science.

Other activities

  • Swift logo

    September, 2018
    Gave a talk on building server-side web apps with Kitura and Stencil at the 2018 server-side Swift conference.

  • Swift logo

    September, 2018
    Taught a workshop on building server-side web apps with Kitura and Stencil at the 2018 server-side Swift conference.

  • Stencil logo

    January, 2018
    Wrote a Stencil extension for Visual Studio Code. This includes a TextMate grammar, snippets and indentation rules.

  • Swift logo

    November, 2017
    Was invited to guest blog for Swift@IBM about Swift Blog.

  • Swift logo

    September, 2014
    Gave a short talk on Swift and education at Swift London. This was my first time speaking outside of a school setting, my first time speaking abroad, my first time speaking in English and a lot of fun.

  • RoboVM logo

    May, 2014
    Experimented with an early alpha of RoboVM, resulting in Pong, the first open source JavaFX application on the iOS App Store (and only the second one ever).

  • AppsCity logo

    May, 2014
    Co-organised Apps City, a local conference on mobile applications. I ran and supervised the hack-a-thon during my first (and hopefully last) 30h working day.

  • Blogger logo

    November, 2012
    Started a blog titled "A Sip Of Java", the predecessor to this site. I started the blog mainly to share some of my teaching materials with others and was surprised to see how quickly it became popular internationally. It reached 12.000 pageviews when it turned one and 35.000 when it turned two, which was about the time I started work on this site.

  • HoGent logo

    October, 2012
    Joined the applied computer science programme committee at HoGent. Resigned after 2 years, concluding my time was better spent teaching.

  • NetBeans logo

    June, 2012
    Wrote a plugin for NetBeans to allow me to copy code to the clipboard as rich text (to preserve syntax coloring). People seemed to like it.

  • Libburnia logo

    October, 2004
    Worked on Libisofs for a while, as part of my master's thesis.